Easily converting your .flac files to .mp3 format

flac2mp3 is a tool to convert potentially large sets of FLAC audio files into the MP3 audio format. It is implemented as a bash shell script, and should run on any Unix-like operating system.

You can get it at: bytemonkey.org

You'll have to install FLAC and LAME on ...


Stresstesting IMAP clients

Just found an interesting article about IMAP clients comparison:

Personally I'm using claws-mail, with 4 mail accounts, one of which has more than 250000 messages.

Migrating to it from thunderbird was fairly easy, I've converted my thunderbird filters to claws ...


my ~/.fluxbox/keys

!mouse actions added by fluxbox-update_configs
OnTitlebar Mouse2 :StartTabbing

!mouse actions added by fluxbox-update_configs
OnTitlebar Double Mouse1 :Shade
OnTitlebar Mouse3 :WindowMenu

!mouse actions added by fluxbox-update_configs
OnWindow Mod1 Mouse1 :MacroCmd {Raise} {Focus} {StartMoving}
OnWindow Mod1 Mouse3 :MacroCmd {Raise} {Focus} {StartResizing BottomRight}

!mouse actions added by fluxbox-update_configs
OnToolbar Mouse4 :NextWorkspace
OnToolbar Mouse5 ...

exim + dovecot + clamav + postfixadmin

Ok, here we go...

I needed to quickly configure a mailserver, initially - for a single domain (but probably will host more later).

I am using exim over the last two years, I don't like qmail because it's very old, and to add some new feature to it - requires ...


Iptraf with bonding support

Default iptraf build that comes with RedHat or CentOS does not support bondX interfaces, or vlan (ethX.Y) interfaces, however there's a version on bugzilla.redhat.com that does support it. More details: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=441081 Also, for you the lazy ones out there ...


RDP through a ssh tunnel

How to access RDP if firewall is closed down, and access to server is restricted to a few ips:

ssh user@allowed.server.com -L 3389:windows.server.com:3389
# and in a different terminal:
rdesktop -uadministrator -pp455w0rd localhost

That's it! Secure encrypted rdesktop session :)


Detecting Conficker with nmap

As the Conficker worm is vastly discussed and getting a lot of attention, latest nmap version can detect it, won't post here how, here's the direct link to the resource:



Restoring the MBR on RHEL/CentOS servers

It happens that the MBR is getting bad (after os updates/power failures, etc)
We can restore it in a few minutes if we have a RHEL/CentOS install CD at hand, or if we have a PXE server nearby.

Boot the system from the install cd,
at the boot ...


Quick shell script to convert ifcfg-ethX-rangeY to ifcfg-ethX:Y format

Quick shell script to convert ifcfg-ethX-rangeY to ifcfg-ethX:Y format:

for i in `ls ifcfg-eth1-range*`;
  . ./$i
  D1=`echo $IPADDR_START|cut -d. -f4`;
  D2=`echo $IPADDR_END|cut -d. -f4`;
  D=`expr $D2 - $D1`;
  echo $D;
  S=`echo $IPADDR_START|cut -d. -f1,2,3`;
  for j in `seq 0 $D`;
  do ...

Freebsd php-fpm fastcgi server init script


# PROVIDE: phpfpm
# KEYWORD: shutdown

# Add the following lines to /etc/rc.conf to enable php-fpm:

. /etc/rc.subr



# set defaults


start_cmd ...