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floyd - Tue 15 September 2009 - smtp, linux, exim, mail

Ok, here we go...

I needed to quickly configure a mailserver, initially - for a single domain (but probably will host more later).

I am using exim over the last two years, I don't like qmail because it's very old, and to add some new feature to it - requires patching it …


floyd - Fri 29 May 2009 - network, linux

Default iptraf build that comes with RedHat or CentOS does not support bondX interfaces, or vlan (ethX.Y) interfaces, however there's a version on bugzilla.redhat.com that does support it. More details: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=441081 Also, for you the lazy ones out there, quick …


floyd - Mon 04 May 2009 - network, linux, windows, security

How to access RDP if firewall is closed down, and access to server is restricted to a few ips:

ssh user@allowed.server.com -L 3389:windows.server.com:3389
# and in a different terminal:
rdesktop -uadministrator -pp455w0rd localhost

That's it! Secure encrypted rdesktop session :)


floyd - Wed 01 April 2009 - network, security

As the Conficker worm is vastly discussed and getting a lot of attention, latest nmap version can detect it, won't post here how, here's the direct link to the resource:



floyd - Mon 16 March 2009 - linux, rescue

It happens that the MBR is getting bad (after os updates/power failures, etc)
We can restore it in a few minutes if we have a RHEL/CentOS install CD at hand, or if we have a PXE server nearby.

Boot the system from the install cd,
at the boot …


floyd - Wed 04 March 2009 - shell, linux

Quick shell script to convert ifcfg-ethX-rangeY to ifcfg-ethX:Y format:

for i in `ls ifcfg-eth1-range*`;
  . ./$i
  D1=`echo $IPADDR_START|cut -d. -f4`;
  D2=`echo $IPADDR_END|cut -d. -f4`;
  D=`expr $D2 - $D1`;
  echo $D;
  S=`echo $IPADDR_START|cut -d. -f1,2,3`;
  for j in `seq 0 …

floyd - Thu 29 January 2009 - freebsd, network, php

# PROVIDE: phpfpm
# KEYWORD: shutdown

# Add the following lines to /etc/rc.conf to enable php-fpm:

. /etc/rc.subr



# set defaults


start_cmd …

floyd - Wed 21 January 2009 - freebsd, linux, mail, security

Quick one-liner for checking spamassassin version:

[root@server ~]# perl -MMail::SpamAssassin -e 'print $Mail::SpamAssassin::VERSION;'

floyd - Tue 13 January 2009 - synchronization, network, linux, csync, rsync, unison

Andreas Schneider has unleashed the first public release candidate of csync 0.42, which is now available as source from the csync Web site, or via one-click for openSUSE 11.0 and 11.1.

Project homepage: http://www.csync.org/

This tool looks like a promising alternative to unison, which …


floyd - Thu 01 January 2009 - freebsd, linux, mail

While installing latest Parallels Plesk version (9.0), noticed an unusual option :) :

Different mailservers
16. (*) Qmail mailserver
17. ( ) Postfix mailserver

Could this be true, that Parallels finally decided to drop Qmail?
Now don't get me wrong, but qmail wasn't updated for 10 years already, and any additional feature requires a …


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