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Magellan Naviroad 1324 GPS settings for Navitel

floyd - Tue 05 July 2011 - magellan, ce, 1324, roadmate, gps, windows, navitel

Using softbutton and a few hacks to the .xml files on the device, I was able to start Navitel on this GPS.
Initially it came with US, Canada and Puerto Rico maps only, and I couldn't find any good maps for Eastern Europe, so I decided I should run some alternate navigation app on it, as it is basically a Windows CE device.

I also tried running MioPocket on it, with some degree of success, but it is not what I want... too bloated with different apps, and pretty slow also. I agree, MioPocket allows me to use the gps as a book reader, media player, but I need it just to do it's job as a gps, nothing more.

To be able to use the GPS, in Navitel's settings we must specify:

Com port: COM7, 
Protocol: NMEA, 
Baud rate: 56700.

More on this topic later, I am trying to configure the device to start Navitel automatically at boot, and also to be able to shut it down by using the power button.