colored git output

Ok, another issue I was facing after returning to Slackware:
I was getting weird escape codes in the terminal when issuing some git commands, like git log or git diff:

ESC[33mcommit e5f753a1ae0acf48110589ed654c1e1f67fd1a6fESC[m
Author: Floyd ****
Date:   Fri Jan 24 13:13:33 2014 -0800

    Initial commit

ESC[1mdiff --git …

Slackware... and UTF-8

After about 5 years of debian, I'm running Slackware again on my laptop.

It's a beautiful distro, despite the fact that it doesn't have a 'proper' package management system by current standards. I'm managing my packages by using sbopkg, which is basically an automated tool that allows you to easily …


simple named.conf for a caching nameserver on Slackware-current

You can control which networks/IPs can recursively access this nameserver by 'tweaking' the 'localnet' and 'remote-rec' ACLs

// /etc/named.conf
acl     localnet {;; };
acl     remote-rec {; };
options {
    directory "/var/named";
     * If there is a firewall between you and …

Installing Slackware Linux on an EeePC 701 by PXE

Just a few notes on this matter. I've used my notebook (running slackware 13.0 too) as a pxe server to install slackware on my Asus EeePC 701.

  • Install dhcpd

    slackpkg install dhcp
  • Sample dhcpd config:

    floyd[~]$ cat /etc/dhcpd.conf
    # dhcpd.conf
    # Configuration file for ISC dhcpd (see 'man …

2009 will be a second longer | Happy new year!

Found a confirmation of this in my system logs:

Jan  1 01:59:59 (none) kernel: Clock: inserting leap second 23:59:60 UTC



( Happy new Year! ) 
    \   ^__^      
     \  (oo)\_______
        (__)\       )\/\
           ||----w |
           ||     ||

Setting up MadWifi on a Samsung r20 laptop, running Zenwalk as an os

I always liked the Slackware distribution, everything (well, almost) is really simple and straightforwar. For some time i'm using Zenwalk, a slackware-based distro, on my laptop.

At some point, i needed to connect to a nearby access point, and fortunately this samsung r20 has built-in an Atheros wireless adapter.

At …


Updating Slackware, part 2

Well, as i said in previous post, Updating Slackware I took the following steps: Adjusted /etc/slapt-get/slapt-getrc to point to the newer release:


After that, i did the following:

slapt-get --dist-upgrade --ignore-excludes --download-onlyslapt-get --install kernel --no-upgradeslapt-get --dist-upgrade --ignore-excludes

And adjusted /etc …


Updating Slackware

I have an old router/gateway, still running Slackware 10.0, and since i can't afford more than 5-10min downtime on that box, i'll have to find a reliable way to upgrade "on-the-fly" the os to a newer release.

Afaik, there are a lot of folks that managed to update …